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Introduction of Factory Explosion-Proof Electrical Appliances

Jun. 19, 2018

In this news, we will introduce the first part of factory explosion-proof electrical appliances.

First, explosion-proof control box

Explosion Proof Control Junction Box mainly consists of a lighting distribution box for controlling the lighting system and a power box for controlling the power system. Most of these products are modular and can control up to 12 loops. Most of their shells are made of cast aluminum alloys. Some of them are welded by steel plates, and a few are insulated. The interior is mainly composed of circuit breakers, contactors, thermal relays, changeover switches, signal lamps, buttons, etc. The manufacturer can also choose the equipment according to the needs of the user. Explosion-proof grade up to IICT6 level. Incidentally, explosion-proof automatic switches, explosion-proof knife switches, and fuses are also often used as control power or lighting distribution systems in some control applications, but only as a single piece. Therefore, these products are also classified as such products.

Explosion Proof Control Box

Second, explosion-proof starter

Such products include manual starters, electromagnetic starters, reversible electromagnetic starters, auto-coupling decompression starters, Y-△ transformations, step-down starters, and feed switches. Explosion-proof starter products as terminal control equipment, generally a starter controls a motor, belonging to a wide range of products. Its casing shell is usually made of cast aluminum alloy or steel plate. Its interior is generally composed of contactors (air or vacuum type), motor protection systems, signal lights, push buttons and autotransformers, and they all have local control, remote control and automatic control. In some products, circuit breakers are installed as master switches to make the products more perfect.

Third, explosion-proof control switch

The market demand for this type of product is relatively large, so the manufacturer is also more, mainly including the lighting switch, transfer switch (combination switch), limit switch, pull switch and other small explosion-proof products. The explosion-proof grades of these products can be up to IICT6 level. The explosion-proof housing shell is usually a composite structure made of cast aluminum alloy die-casting, and a few manufacturers use other material shells. These products are characterized by their small size, single internal components, low technological content, simple structure, and easy production. We have Explosion Proof Transfer Switch with high quality.