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Features of Armored Cable Gland

Jun. 06, 2018

Armored cable glands are designed for continuous corrugated aluminum wire and metal-plated (MCHL) type cables. The connector provides 360-degree explosion-proof seals for cable cores and IP dust-proof and waterproof seals on the cable sheaths.

Flameproof Armored Cable Gland

The picture below is sample of flameproof cable gland NPT4, a kind of flameproof armored cable glands.

Features of armored cable gland: 1. Cable 360-degree armouring device--detectable 360-degree cable armoring, even if the cable connector is disassembled, can maintain the connection with the cable metal layer, and the external flood-proof seal--only detection device can prevent moisture gas Enter the cable armor layer and related equipment. Black flood-proof sealing sleeves represent isolated cable joints (explosion-proof joints) 3, multi-directional LSFZH rear sealing - applicable cable specifications are wide, and provide efficient cable locking / waterproof and dustproof protection 4. The cable sealing joint material is standard yellow copper. Brass nickel plated, 316 stainless steel or non-aluminum copper 5. The inlet thread portion of the brass NPT fitting is standard nickel plated.

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