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Features of Waterproof Cable Glands

Feb. 08, 2018

Waterproof Cable Glands are suitable for power into the line, instruments, lighting, LED lamps, electrical boxes and other requirements of all or part of the water, dust, tensile and other requirements of the occasion. Waterproof cable glands are used to tighten the wire and cable and reach a certain IP protection grade and tensile, torsion resistance products.

Waterproof Nylon Cable Glands

Features of Waterproof Cable Glands

1. Waterproof Cable Glands tight ring by a special design, fixed strong pull, the motor does no harm.

2. Do not need to disassemble the fixed head of the cable connector, the cable can be directly tightened, saving time and convenience.

3. With a waterproof, dust proof, salt, resistant to weak acid, alcohol, oil, grease and general solvents, both indoor and outdoor applications.

4. Waterproof Cable Glands within the specified bayonet range, and use the O-ring tight tight head, to IP68 degree of protection.

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