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Analysis Of The Force Analysis Of The Explosion-proof Gland

Jul. 26, 2018

1 Introduction

The stuffing box component is used to seal the compressed gas in the cylinder, especially when the sealing pressure is high, the number of required packing groups is large. If the design of the Explosion Proof Cable Gland is thin, there will be safety hazards; if the design is thick, the axial dimension will be too long, which will directly affect the structural size and weight of the compressor. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately calculate the axial dimension of the gimbal. The following EX Cable Glands Supplier China describes the analysis methods for the strength and stiffness of several explosion-proof glands.

2. Analysis of the explosion-proof glan head

The pressure of the compressed gas sealed by the packing member is p. The pressure acts uniformly on the axial annular wall of the outer diameter D and the inner diameter D1 of the girth. Through the force analysis, the mechanical model is established as an inner ring free and outer fixed equal thickness ring. Stress and strain of the plate under uniform load and action

3. Stress and strain

If the inner side of the equal-thickness annular plate in the simplified part of the glan is A=2a, the outer side is D=2b, the sealing pressure is p=q, and the radius of the center of the ring is r, the uneven stress distribution is , respectively, the bending internal force and the radial internal force at any point in the plate. When the strain is much smaller than the plate thickness t (1/5), the force ring plate is a rigid plate, and the external sealing pressure is mainly balanced by the bending internal force, radial The internal force is small and can be ignored. In order to ensure the sealing effect, the glange design should be designed as a rigid plate. The internal stress is the bending internal force, and the maximum stress and strain appear at the innermost edge of the plate. Here, the dangerous section of the glange should be fatigued. Strength assessment. If the exhaust pressure of the packing seal is P2 and the intake pressure is A, substitute the formula (the maximum and minimum stresses of the dangerous section of the glantou can be obtained, then the average stress and stress amplitude are an equation)

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