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Four categories of explosion-proof electrical equipment

Nov. 09, 2019

Chemical production often encounters a variety of explosive gas and steam. In the place where these media are used, according to relevant regulations, standards and regulations, properly select the appropriate explosion-proof electrical appliances to prevent the explosion of the surrounding explosive mixture, let us come together Look at the classification of explosion-proof electrical appliances.

Explosion-proof main electrical appliances

The main electric appliance is a switching electric appliance that is used to close or open the control circuit to issue commands or programs. This type of explosion-proof electrical appliances mainly includes control buttons and operating columns. The explosion-proof control button housing is generally made of polycarbonate, glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin or ABS plastic injection molding, and a small amount is molded by cast aluminum die casting. The general structure is an increased safety type housing with built-in flameproof components, and can achieve anti-corrosion function, and the explosion-proof grade can reach IIC level. The operating column is mainly composed of a main box, a junction box and a pillar. The main box and the junction box are made in one piece, and some are made into separate bodies, each having its own characteristics. The material is basically made of cast aluminum alloy material. The interior consists of various instruments, switches, buttons and signal lights. Can be combined according to different needs.

Explosion Proof Control Box

Explosion Proof Control Box

Explosion-proof junction box

Electrical equipment must be connected to the power supply network via wires or cables to form a system to perform its functions. However, the connecting wires or cables cannot be infinitely long, and there are many places in the connection process that need to be connected in series and in parallel for wire tapping. This will inevitably lead to the external filtration of the joint part, which is likely to cause an accident. Explosion-proof junction box products are products that are produced to solve such problems, in order to further ensure safe production. Such products include junction boxes, explosion proof wiring boxes, threading boxes, hanging boxes, etc. The outer casing is mainly made of cast aluminum alloy. A number of incoming and outgoing lead-in devices are provided as needed, and the terminals are provided with terminals for connection or tapping. Most of these products are made of flameproof or increased safety type, the volume is large and small, the difference is large, and the explosion-proof grade can reach IIC level.Explosion-proof alarm electrical appliances

In some production situations, some lights and sounds are often needed to remind people of the actions that are more important in environments with explosive hazardous gases. Its main products are explosion proof emergency lights, explosion-proof electric picks, explosion-proof electric flute, explosion-proof buzzer and other products. The structure is usually explosion-proof type, made of cast aluminum alloy, and the explosion-proof grade can reach IICT6. Its working voltage can be divided into straight 36~220V, and the communication can reach 380V. Explosion-proof junction boxes and explosion-proof housings are the main structural components.

Explosion-proof other types

In the complex production process, many special requirements are often encountered, and special dust explosion proof appliance products must be manufactured. Due to the low output of these products and the special requirements, they are non-standard products, so they are classified into other categories. There are mainly electrical instruments, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, speed transmitters, level gauges, quantitative controllers, ignition devices, cameras and other products. These products are basically manufactured according to the production needs. Although their performance requirements are different, most of them are made of metal, the type is explosion-proof or increased-safety structure, and a small number of products are intrinsically safe. Type products, their working voltage and working current are generally low, and the explosion-proof grade is IICT6.=