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Functions of Cable Glands

May. 14, 2018

The cable gland, including Nylon EX Cable Gland and Stainless Steel Cable Gland, is a mechanical device for cable entry. The material can be divided into metal and nonmetal. In various industries, cables and wires are used in electrical, instrumentation and automatic systems.

Cable glands can be used for a variety of different power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunication cables. As a sealing and end-of-life device, it can ensure that the characteristics of the box through which the cable penetrates can be fully maintained and continued.

The main function of the cable glands is as follows:

1. Provides protection against water and dust through the seal on the outer sheath of the cable, blocking dust and moisture outside the enclosure of the electrical or instrumentation.

2. Grounding continuity may be provided for armored cables when metallic materials are used.

3. Provide support to the cable to prevent the cable from being pulled out.

4. Provide additional seal protection at the cable entry junction box when higher levels of protection are required.

5. Ensure the degree of protection at the incoming cable entry by matching the appropriate accessories.

6. When applied in a hazardous area, the degree of protection of the enclosure it is installed in can be reached.

Cable Glands