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How to Use Waterproof Cable Gland Properly?

Mar. 20, 2018

Waterproof cable glands are a type of connection device that is often used in power systems. Waterproof cable gland is mainly used in outdoor products, medium and large-scale remote control machines, and equipment whose body is not in the outdoor control system. For example, in chemical plants, power plants, power supply bureaus, base stations in telecommunication networks, and factories with high automation levels, cable glands must be used.

Waterproof Cable Gland

Application notes of waterproof cable gland

1) In order to ensure waterproof and longer operation, it is recommended to use double-wall heat-shrinkable tubing and insulated bushings.

2) In order to ensure the joint can withstand a certain pressure, it is recommended to increase a sheath tube to strengthen the insulation and protection.

3) Self-adhesive tapes (or heat-shrinkable waterproof tapes) are all high voltage products to ensure the safety of insulation.

4) During construction, the joints should preferably be staggered and docked (ie, the cables do not need to be tidily cut and docked).

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