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Introduction of Explosion-proof Lamps

May. 25, 2018

Explosion proof flood lamps are widely used, do you know why?

With the rapid development of petroleum, chemical, mining and other industries, lighting fixtures are increasingly used in production, warehousing, and rescue, with more and more varieties. How to prevent accidental explosion of lighting fixtures has become a very important issue in explosive gas hazardous locations. Because lighting fixtures inevitably produce sparks or form hot surfaces when they work, once they meet the explosive gas mixture at the production or rescue site, they can cause explosion accidents that directly endanger citizens’ lives and national property security. Therefore, as the most widely used lighting fixture, its explosion-proof technology has long attracted people's attention and great attention. Use aluminum alloy shell, surface spray; lighting, emergency dual-use; Built-in maintenance-free nickel-cadmium battery pack, automatic charging under normal power supply, accident power failure or power failure, automatic lighting of emergency lights; steel pipe wiring; emergency dedicated lights in normal The lighting and emergency lighting are independent; the lighting emergency dual-purpose lamp, normal lighting and emergency lighting share one lamp body and the light source is independent.

Explosion-proof lamps are used in hazardous locations where flammable gases and dust are present. They can prevent arcs, sparks, and high temperatures inside the lamp from igniting flammable gases and dust in the surrounding environment, thereby reaching the explosion-proof requirements. Also known as explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof lighting. Different flammable gas mixture environments have different requirements for the explosion-proof grades and explosion-proof types of explosion-proof lamps. Specific reference GB3836, IEC60079. More information about explosion proof flood light, pls contact to us.

Explosion-proof Lamps