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Why Do We Choose LED Explosion-proof Lamps?

Dec. 14, 2018

Every place must separate the explosion-proof dangerous area from the non-explosion-proof dangerous area when choosing the lamp. Once a common lamp is used in the explosion-proof dangerous area, the consequences will be unimaginable, because most areas are 1 or even 0 areas, which require the explosion-proof performance of the lamp to be extremely strict, mostly require the explosion-proof grade above the explosion-proof type. Most of the outdoor areas require good waterproof and anticorrosive performance of lamps. At the same time, many areas are high-altitude areas of several meters or even hundreds of meters, high temperature and pressure, which makes maintenance of lamps extremely difficult and dangerous, and requires that Explosion Proof Flood Light have maintenance-free function.

LED Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Light generally fall into the following advantages.

1. Safety performance: It has met the explosion-proof standards of state authoritative institutions and is produced in full accordance with the national explosion-proof standards. It has excellent explosion-proof and antistatic properties. It can work safely in various inflammable and explosive places.

2. Energy-saving performance: LED light source, low energy consumption, high light efficiency, energy consumption is only 20% of the same luminous flux incandescent lamp. It breaks through the shortcomings of traditional tungsten filament light-emitting efficiency, and has the characteristics of energy-saving and high efficiency.

3. Environmental protection performance: White LED light is soft, no glare, and does not cause eye vision fatigue. Good EMC will not pollute the power supply.

4. Performance: The transparent parts of the shell are made of toughened glass with high hardness, high transmittance and good impact resistance, which can make the lamps work normally in various harsh environments.

LED Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Light