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Types Of Commonly Used Sealing Devices

Dec. 17, 2018

Seals can be divided into two categories: static seals and dynamic seals. Sealing is a component or measure that prevents fluid or solid particles from leaking from adjacent bonding surfaces and prevents intrusion of external impurities such as dust and moisture into the interior of the machine.


Most rubber seals use such molding methods, such as various extrusion seals, rotary shaft lip seals, explosion-proof flexible joints, reciprocating lip seals, composite seals, film seals, bellows seals, and the like.

2. Processing and forming

Such as rectangular seals, piston ring seals, coaxial seals (or slip ring combination seals).

3. Plate or strip type materials such as rubber, fiber reinforced rubber, bonded asbestos fiber, explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe, aramid fiber, etc., most of the plate or strip type is used for sealing gasket or packing, rubber as asbestos and Its substitute adhesive, in which aramid fibers and processed rubber rings are sometimes 

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Types Of Commonly Used Sealing Devices