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Material and Types of Cable Glands

Apr. 03, 2018

Do you know the materials and types of explosion-proof cable glands? SANHUI, explosion cable glands manufacturer, will talk about the topic in this news.

Nylon: is a common material commonly used in general, and the product can be used in most general environments. We can provide Anti-corrosion Nylon EX Cable Gland and Waterproof Nylon EX Cable Gland with high quality.

Copper alloy: used for products with special mechanical strength requirements.

Stainless steel cable gland: used for more special mechanical strength requirements and harsh environments.

Special materials: Products used in special requirements of the environment, such as fire, acid and alkali resistance.

Material and Types of Cable Glands

Types of explosion proof cable glands

One, straight type cable gland: common type common style

Second, the angled cable gland: 90 degree angle outlet

Third, twist-resistant cable fixing head: more anti-bend protection for the outlet wire