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Installation and use precautions of metal cable sealing waterproof joint

Aug. 12, 2019

Installation and use precautions of metal cable sealing waterproof joint.

1. Choose suitable connector materials according to the type and specification of cable connector needed. Now the quality of cable connector materials is uneven.

2. It is better not to choose rainy days when the cable connector is connected, because the cable water will seriously affect the service life of the cable, or even cause short-circuit accidents.

3. Before making the cable waterproof connector of the Explosion-Proof Electrical Apparatus must carefully read the manufacturer's product manual, this is particularly important for 10kV and above cable, before doing all the procedures are good to do.

4. The terminal connector of single-core armored cable above 10kV should only be grounded with steel belt at one end.

Explosion-Proof Electrical Apparatus

Explosion-Proof Electrical Apparatus

5. The copper pipe pressing can not be too hard, as long as the pressure to the position, pressure after the copper end face is bound to have a lot of raised points, this must be used file flat, can not leave any burr.

6. When using the heat shrinkable cable connector, pay attention to moving the blowtorch back and forth, instead of constantly blowing the torch in only one direction.

7. The size of the cold shrinkage Armored Cable Gland must be in strict accordance with the drawings, especially when pulling out the support in the reserved pipe, be more careful.

Why does industry need to use explosion-proof cable connector?

At present, many factories have inflammable and explosive places, without installing explosion-proof cable connector, which may cause safety problems. Therefore, the factory needs to be equipped with explosion-proof control box. Explosion-proof Industrial Cable Gland joint as introducing device for the control box interface, with isolation effect of the ignition source, because a lot of explosion, and so on all is because of the electrostatic effect, so, with such a explosion-proof cable sealing joint, greatly reduces the probability of explosion danger, can let the factory production is more secure, produce a better product.