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Teach You To Modify The Explosion Proof Cable Gland

Jul. 12, 2018

First, the modification procedure

1) All the piston rods have steps in the upper and lower end regions, and some of the piston rods are pulled on the piston rod, which needs to be smoothed with oil stone on site.

2) Seal the original residual holes of the 2nd and 4th grooves of the Explosion Proof Cable Gland.

3) Re-drill the residual hole in the third slot of the explosion-proof gland head.

4) Install the HERSS seal ring.

Before installing the new HERSS seal ring, check the clearance between the seal ring and the explosion-proof gland head, and adjust and rest if necessary.

The sealing ring and scraping oil ring of HERSS material are installed in turn, and the explosion-proof gland head body is installed, and the project can be completed.

This modification can be done on site and the piston does not need to be dismantled. The conversion was completed in five days and at a lower cost. The problem has not been solved for five years now, and this modification has been promoted on the remaining seven ships managed by our company.

Second, the summary of the successful conversion

The success of this modification is based on the use of mature sealing technology; the second is to dare to try new materials and support from service China Explosion Proof Lamp Supplier. A good stuffing box must contain three parts:

First, the upper part of the seal ring must effectively seal the scavenging pressure to prevent a large amount of cylinder oil from entering the main engine oil system;

Second, the scraping oil must be created at the boundary between the lower part of the piston and the crankcase to make it perform a very important role;

Third, the lower scraper ring should ensure effective scraping effect, so that the system oil returns to the crankcase to reduce fuel consumption.

The modification work of this paper has a good effect, which is of great significance for the fuel saving of the ship and the improvement of the working condition of the main engine.

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