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The Usage Of Nylon EX Cable Gland

Jul. 05, 2018

Uses: Nylon EX  Cable Gland can be  widely used in various switchboards, mechanical control boxes, digital display  boards, automatic control switchboards, electrical equipment, solar power system  wiring, telecommunications and network communications, surveillance systems,  audio-visual audio, LED lighting equipment, traffic signs.

Usage: First place the body on the substrate, fix it with a nut,  then put the wire into the clamping ring, and finally tighten it with the  tightening head to achieve the function of waterproof and  dustproof.

Features: 1. The body and clamping jaws are integrally formed,  which saves time and convenience.

 2. The forced pressing method of Explosion Proof Cable Gland is tight,  and the clamping can be firmly clamped by hand. It is labor-saving and  simple.

 3. IP68 dustproof and waterproof test qualified (shield  required).

 Explosion Proof Cable Gland