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Which Places Need Explosion-proof Products?

May. 01, 2018

Our aim is to provide you with a safe, safe and efficient environment. This purpose is also included in our explosion-proof products for you. In order to meet customer's specifications for explosion-proof products, we provide you with more high-quality products based on peace of mind, safety, and quickness. Let’s see which places need explosion-proof products?

Chemical industry: flammable gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids

Landfill/construction works: flammable landfill gas, flammable exhaust gas, flammable gas generated from by-products

Power Plant: Coal Dust

Garbage Disposal Center: flammable gas generated during wastewater treatment

Natural gas suppliers: flammable gas leaks, flammable gas emissions

Civil Engineering: sawdust, fine wood chips

Painting operations: spray paint brackets, steam and dissolved gas emissions

Agriculture: Manufacturing biogas, agricultural biogas

Metal Mining: Flammable Metal Dust, Metal Sparks

Beverage, food processing industry: Flammable crop dust, flammable carbon compounds

Pharmaceutical manufacturing: alcoholic liquids, mixtures of flammable substances

Petroleum industry: flammable grease when hydrocarbon reaches its ignition temperature

Recycling: combustible gas/liquid containers, biodegradable materials, luminescent explosive gases

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Industry Explosion-Proof Products