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Twelve Categories Of Explosion-proof Electrical Appliances For Factories! (Middle)

Feb. 15, 2020

Our company is professional in manufacturing full kinds of explosion-proof cable glands, pipe parts, meters, and all other explosion-prool products.


Explosion proof wiring box

Electrical equipment must be connected to the power supply network through wires or cables in use to form a system to complete its use functions. However, the connecting wires or cables cannot be infinitely long, and there are many places in the connection process that require wire tapping in series and parallel. This will inevitably cause the joints to be exposed, which may easily cause accidents. Explosion-proof junction box products are products manufactured to solve such problems in order to further ensure safe production. Such products include junction boxes, junction boxes, threading boxes, suspension boxes, junction boxes and other products, and their shells are mainly made of cast aluminum alloy. There are many incoming and outgoing lead-in devices as required. Terminals are installed in the box for connection or tapping. Most of these products are made of explosion-proof or safety-increasing type, with large or small volume, large difference, and explosion-proof grade can reach IIC level. Mining bracket lights, mining flood lights, mining LED roadway lights, mining sound and light signal devices, mining flood lights, emergency lights, metal halide lamps.

Explosion proof wiring box

Explosion proof wiring box


Explosion-proof lamps

Explosion proof lamp supplier believes that lighting measures must be taken in any workplace and environment, and places containing various explosive gases are no exception. Because of its many places of use, all over the production corners, so that explosion-proof lighting products are produced in large quantities. This kind of product has many varieties and complete specifications, but it can be roughly divided into several forms such as lighting, sign, signal, and portable; from the type of light source, it can be divided into incandescent, mercury, sodium, halogen, and beacon And fluorescent lamps; there are many more from the structure, generally there are hanging, hanging, wall-mounted, ceiling, portable, cantilever and so on. In terms of power, it can range from tens of watts to hundreds of watts. The installation height starts from the ground to a few meters. It can be said that explosion-proof lamps are the products with the largest output and most use of all explosion-proof electrical products. Moreover, due to its specific function, it causes a large loss and a large amount of replacement. The structure and shape of this kind of products are different and vary a lot, but in terms of explosion-proof performance, they are basically explosion-proof, and the shell material is mostly cast aluminum alloy, which can basically meet the needs of users in places below IIC level. The need for such lighting and display functions. Mine bracket light, mine flood light, mine LED roadway light, mine sound and light signal device, mine flood light, emergency light, metal halide lamp.


Explosion-proof connection

The main function of explosion-proof connectors is for cable connection and cable branching. Its main products are explosion-proof plugs and explosion-proof power socket boxes. The rated voltage is 220V ~ 380V, and the rated working current can reach 100A at most. The varieties have two-pole, three-pole plus neutral and ground wire structures. The product shell is made of metal and plastic materials, and the explosion-proof level can reach IIC level. The interior is mainly composed of connectors. Some products are equipped with a switch with a breakpoint. This switch has a chain function with the connector, that is, the switch is disconnected first, then plugged in, and the plug is closed first. Products without switches also have the function of first disconnecting the main circuit and then the ground wire, and then inserting the ground wire and then the main circuit. This is to ensure safe operation. Most of these products are used for direct operation, so their insulation performance requirements are generally high and must not be ignored.