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Repair Method Of Explosion Proof Cable Gland Sealing Plane

Jul. 24, 2018

The Explosion Proof Cable Gland, with the auxiliary sealing device temporarily solves the problem of air leakage of the explosion-proof glan head, but it does not solve the problem that the upper sealing plane of the explosion-proof glan head is uneven. The EX Cable Glands Supplier China further used the existing equipment on the ship to repair the uneven sealing plane on the upper part of the explosion-proof glan, thus completely eradicating the leakage problem of the explosion-proof glan. The explosion-proof granule is a device installed inside the scavenging box. The maintenance is usually carried out when the cylinder is lifted at the same time as the cylinder is lifted. If it is difficult to lift the glan head out of the scavenging box alone, it is difficult to disassemble because the space inside the scavenging box is very small. The problem of air leakage has been solved by using the above-mentioned additional auxiliary spring. When a cylinder needs to be lifted, the explosion-proof gland is removed at the same time. The self-made special grinding machine is used to smooth the surface of the sealing gland, which saves time and effort and ensures accuracy. The special grinding machine is a special grinding wheel that is grinded by the exhaust valve on each ship. It is mounted on the small carriage of the lathe for horizontal movement, and then the small carriage is mounted on the self-made center positioning shaft. The accuracy after repair is very high and the error will not exceed 0.01mm. The center positioning axis is that the inner diameter of the two discs is matched with the inner hole of the glans, and the middle car is made with one hole to mount the bearing, so that the two discs are mounted on the upper and lower ends of the gland to play the original grid. The center of the blue head maintains a consistent function, and a central shaft is mounted in the two discs. Install a flat plate at the top of the center shaft to fix the small carriage, install a gear at the bottom of the center shaft (by borrowing the transmission gear for the lathe on the ship) and match the worm gear with the gear to control the rotary motion. Do the polishing repair work, you can repair the unevenness of the upper sealing plane of the galantou without purchasing any materials.

Explosion Proof Cable Gland