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How to repair the explosion-proof electrical control circuit?

Oct. 31, 2019

The operational safety of explosion-proof electrical equipment requires that the circuit must be absolutely safe during operation. If the circuit of the dust explosion proof appliance is faulty, it needs to be processed and checked by the relevant technicians immediately. To better solve the circuit problem, it is necessary to fully understand the technology and method of the maintenance circuit.

During the operation of explosion-proof electrical equipment, some equipment failures may occur due to equipment and wiring problems. Therefore, relevant technical departments should analyze and study these faults in order to better troubleshoot related faults.

There are four specific faults:

First, the short-circuit fault is caused by improper connection of the wires due to loop current operation problems during operation.

The second is the open circuit failure. The equipment is abnormally operated due to the interruption of the wire loop during the operation of the equipment.

The third is the circuit parameter matching fault.

The fourth is the connection failure, that is, under the premise that the components and the circuit can meet the operation requirements of the existing explosion proof flood lamp circuit, the worker causes a connection error during the connection process of the line, resulting in a failure.

Because the circuit has certain commonality with the operation of other circuits, in the process of troubleshooting, attention should be paid to the use of common circuit maintenance methods. There are three main methods:

Through the interaction between the various components in the electrical control circuit and the working circuit, various existing electrical operating anomalies are analyzed to determine the location of the fault and the possible causes of the fault.

When the existing line running fault is not aggravated, the running function and effect are detected at the position where the fault may occur to determine whether it is the fault occurrence position.

Explosion Proof Cabinet

Explosion Proof Cabinet

The so-called measurement method is to perform electrical control circuit fault detection, which means that in the process of detection, a special measuring instrument is used to measure the operating state of various existing equipment and lines in the existing electrical control circuit.

Then there are important steps to overhaul, and this is mainly divided into external debugging and static debugging. External debugging refers to the observation of external features during the inspection and maintenance of explosion proof transfer switch. Since the fault location can be judged by external features, the internal structure can be avoided. The static test is to carry out the failure of the maintenance equipment in the case of no power supply, to avoid the expansion of the fault, carefully and carefully compare the electrical structure and drawings, and use the intuitive method and the measurement method to judge the fault point. It is called static test.

In the operation process of the explosion-proof electrical control circuit, due to various reasons of the line and equipment failure, if it is not timely checked and repaired in this case, it will seriously affect its operation quality.