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Selection of explosion-proof lamps

Dec. 05, 2019

1.Select model

The selection, installation, use and maintenance of explosion-proof lamps are indispensable links to ensure long-term safe, reliable and efficient work of explosion-proof lamps, and must be paid full attention to.

(1) Selection personnel must understand the basic working principle of explosion proof fluorescent lamps and be familiar with explosion-proof signs.

(2) Accurately select the explosion-proof category, type, level and temperature group of the lamp according to the grade of the explosive dangerous place.

(3) Understand the use of environmental conditions and work requirements, and reasonably choose explosion-proof lamps with various functions. For example: the explosion-proof lamp housing protection level for outdoor use reaches at least IP43. In places where color discrimination is required, high-pressure mercury lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps cannot be used as explosion-proof lamps because these two light sources have poor color rendering.

(4) Read the product instruction manual in detail, understand the product performance, precautions, and product limitations, and understand the contents of all product marks. If there is an "x" symbol after the explosion-proof certificate number, it means that the lamp has a specific applicable place, you should refer to the explosion proof emergency light instruction manual and nameplate to specify the requirements of the applicable place.

2. Structure type

The type of explosion-proof structure of explosion-proof lamps should be determined according to the regional level and scope of the explosive gas environment. For example, in the area of Zone 1, explosion-proof lamps must be used; for fixed lamps in Zone 2, explosion-proof and increased safety can be used, and mobile lamps must be Use explosion-proof type. The level or group of explosion-proof lights selected should not be lower than the level and group of explosive mixtures in explosion-hazardous environments. At the same time, the impact of the environment on explosion-proof lamps must be considered, and it should meet the requirements of various environments such as ambient temperature, air humidity, corrosion or polluting substances. According to different environmental requirements, the protection level and anticorrosion level of the luminaire should be selected. Especially in the presence of corrosive gases in explosive gas environments, it is important to choose lamps with corresponding anticorrosive properties.

Explosion Proof Flood Lamp

Explosion Proof Flood Lamp

In the past, in petrochemical companies, explosion-proof lamps were mainly used for lighting fixtures in explosion-hazardous places. With the increasing application of safety-enhancing electrical equipment in explosion-hazardous areas in Zone 2, safety-enhancing and composite lighting fixtures are increasingly used. On the basis of certain explosion-proof performance, the safety-enhancing explosion proof flood lamps have the advantages of light weight, low price, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life compared with flame-proof lamps. The universal composite electrical equipment used in petrochemical enterprises is the safety-increasing-explosion-proof composite explosion-proof electrical equipment, which generally consists of three parts: flame-proof components, safety-increasing terminal blocks, and safety-increasing shells. It has both explosion-proof safety Performance, and has the advantages of increased safety.