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Selection of explosion-proof light source

Dec. 12, 2019

(1) Although incandescent lamps are still widely used, they are gradually being replaced by other light sources (LEDs) due to their low luminous efficiency and short life. Among them, single-plug-free starter fluorescent lamps, explosion proof flood lamp, self-ballasted high-pressure mercury lamps, and high-pressure sodium lamps are most commonly used.

(2) Single-plug non-starter fluorescent lamp is a cold cathode gas discharge lamp. The principle of light emission is to use the discharge between the electrodes to generate ultraviolet radiation from the mercury atoms, thereby exciting the fluorescent substance on the inner wall of the lamp to emit light. This fluorescent lamp has a high luminous efficiency (about 3 times that of incandescent lamps), a long service life, and no starter is required when starting (usually there is a conductive layer on the wall of the lamp tube, called a light-emitting layer. It is completed by it; when the lamp tube is broken, the glow layer is also destroyed, and the lamp is extinguished), the cathode temperature is relatively low (about 200 ° C), and it is a safe and practical light source, which is very suitable for making increased safety explosion proof fluorescent lamp.

(3) The self-ballasted high-pressure mercury lamp is a hybrid light source lamp that uses high-pressure mercury vapor discharge and three substances, incandescent and fluorescent. It has the advantages of high brightness, simple structure and fast starting speed. The shortcomings of the previous high-pressure mercury lamp that required the addition of a ballast were changed. The use of tungsten wire to limit the current and also improved the light color. The disadvantage is that the life is shortened compared to ordinary fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamps. The high-pressure sodium lamp is a high-pressure sodium vapor discharge lamp, which has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, strong fog permeability, and long life.

Explosion Proof Sign Light

Explosion Proof Sign Light

(4) LED is a light emitting diode light source. This kind of light source has the advantages of small size, long life and high efficiency. It can be used continuously for up to 100,000 hours. In the future, the application of LED light sources will also become mainstream in the lighting field. However, compared with other light sources, LEDs also have disadvantages, such as low color rendering in white light illumination. White LEDs currently produced with yellow phosphors and blue light have a color rendering index of about 80. It can be used as general lighting, but it is insufficient for some places with high color resolution requirements. Although the color rendering index can be increased to 90 or higher by adding appropriate red phosphors, etc., there is still a certain gap compared with 99 for incandescent lamps, and its efficiency will be affected. RGB color mixing can also improve color rendering, but more work needs to be done on the popularization of the technology, so LEDs need to be improved in terms of color rendering. As for the high price and large one-time investment, in fact, considering the overall cost, using LEDs on many occasions still saves a lot of costs.