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Small Knowledge Of Explosion-Proof Lamps

Jan. 09, 2020

China dust explosion proof appliance supplier to share with you: Explosion-proof lamps and lanterns are used in dangerous places where flammable gas and dust exist, can prevent the arc, sparks and high temperature inside the lamp from igniting Flammable gas and dust in the environment, so as to meet the explosion-proof lamps. There are mainly explosion-proof explosion-proof lamps, safety explosion-proof lamps, and mobile explosion-proof lamps. Explosion-proof platform lights are suitable for lighting in flammable and explosive places such as petrochemical installations, petroleum platforms, gas stations, oil pump rooms, and transfer stations. Zone 1 and Zone 2 explosive gas environment. Areas 21 and 22。

How does explosion proof flood lamp achieve explosion protection?

The role of explosion-proof lights is simply to prevent explosions. Therefore, the use of explosion-proof lights is very important for lighting in hazardous industries. So, how does the explosion-proof lamp achieve the explosion-proof effect? The staff of Zhongtong Explosion Protection will share it with users. In order to achieve good lighting and explosion-proof effects, the shell of explosion-proof lamps is generally made of cast aluminum alloy, and the transparent parts are generally made of tempered glass. The surface of explosion-proof lamps can also be sprayed with anti-corrosive material. So, how is an explosion-proof lamp explosion-proof? Can explosion-proof lighting effects be achieved simply by using these materials? Explosion-proof lamps may produce arcs and sparks when used inside the lamp body. It is easy to cause an explosion when it encounters flammable and explosive gas outside. The explosion-proof explosion-proof lamp housing can withstand the internal explosion without damage. And it can ensure that the internal flame gas reduces energy when propagating through the gap, which is not enough to detonate the shell gas.

The above briefly describes the explosion-proof principle of explosion-proof lamps. As long as these principles can be strictly observed, the explosion-proof lighting effect of explosion-proof lamps can be achieved. Therefore, the good explosion-proof effect of explosion-proof lamps is not only related to the production materials of explosion-proof lamps, but also has a close relationship with the strict principle of explosion-proof production. Before choosing to use explosion-proof lights, users can also have a brief understanding of these contents.

Installation method of explosion proof fluorescent lamp:

Has good electromagnetic compatibility and will not cause interference to the surrounding environment. The exquisite structure design and good heat dissipation performance effectively reduce the temperature of the lamp body and increase the service life of the lamp; light weight, small size, small and beautiful, simple and convenient operation.

The scope of application is as follows:

Suitable for petrochemical installations, petroleum platforms, gas stations, oil pump houses, transit stations, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, flour mills and other flammable and explosive places for fixed lighting; Zone 1 and Zone 2 explosive gas environments; Zones 21 and 22 are combustible Dust environment; temperature group is T1-T6 environment.

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lamp

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Lamp