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The Feature Of Nylon EX Cable Gland

Jul. 09, 2018

Due to the good high temperature resistance of nylon material itself, it can be used for a long time at 200 c, and it can maintain good mechanical and electrical insulation properties, and it has impact resistance, fatigue stability and no cracking. And good wear resistance and self lubricity. It has good properties of its own anion and is scorched and decomposed at high temperature without ignition. So nylon material is used to improve the surface of the wire. It plays a good role in improving the quality, safety and applicability of building engineering lines. 

Nylon EX Cable Gland has excellent mechanical and physical properties, its tensile strength is 5.5 times of PVC, wear-resistant and is known as "soft armoured" wire.

The nylon sheath wires have excellent thermal stability, which can improve the overall heat resistance of the wires, especially in the condition of transient overheating and overload.

The protective sleeve made of nylon can reduce or reduce the escape or migration of PVC components, improve the aging resistance of wires, and improve the service life of wires. 

Nylon sheath wires also have good chemical stability, oil resistance, hydrocarbon resistance, waterproof and so on.So very popular with EX Cable Glands Supplier China.

Nylon EX Cable Gland