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Twelve Categories Of Explosion-proof Electrical Appliances For Factories! (Down)

Feb. 17, 2020


Explosion-proof fan

Such products mainly include explosion-proof ceiling fans, explosion-proof exhaust fans, and explosion-proof axial fans. Their structures are composed of explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof junction boxes, explosion-proof speed controllers and blades. Its rated working voltage is generally up to 380V, and the explosion-proof level can reach ⅡBT4 level.


Explosion-proof electrical appliances with heating function

Petrochemical companies often need some heating equipment and dust explosion proof appliance in the production process, so the explosion protection of these products is also very important. The main products are explosion-proof electric heaters and explosion-proof heaters. Although the main function of explosion-proof control transformers and explosion-proof ballasts is not to obtain heat energy, they will also generate heat during operation, which should also receive great attention, so they are all included in this kind of products. Of course, with the rapid development of science and technology today, there will also be many electric heating equipment made of high-tech materials, but the problem of explosion protection cannot be ignored. The main components of explosion-proof heating equipment are components such as windings, controllers, and junction boxes, and often have the protection function of controlling or monitoring the temperature. This type of product is basically flameproof, and the explosion-proof grade is ⅡBT4.


Explosion-proof alarm appliances

In some production occasions, some lights and sounds are often required to remind people of their actions. In the environment containing explosive dangerous gases, such appliances are even more important. Its main products are explosion-proof indicator lights, explosion-proof electric bells, explosion-proof electric horns, explosion-proof peak horns and other products. The structure is usually explosion-proof, made of cast aluminum alloy, and the explosion-proof level can reach ⅡCT6. Its working voltage can be divided into straight 36 ~ 220V, AC can reach 380V. explosion proof control junction box and explosion-proof housing are its main structural components.


Explosion-proof electromagnet

Such products mainly include explosion-proof electromagnets, explosion-proof solenoid valves, and explosion-proof electromagnetic drivers. Its working principle is that under the action of electromagnetic fields, mechanical equipment is promoted by the generated electromagnetic force, which is generally used for braking. Most of the structure is flameproof, made of cast steel or cast iron, and the explosion-proof grade is ⅡBT6. Its main technical parameters are generally thrust or suction (calculated in kg) and the duration of electrification. It must not be energized for a long period of time, otherwise it is easy to overheat and cause danger.

Explosion Proof Control Junction Box

Explosion Proof Control Junction Box


Explosion-proof other

In the complicated production process, many special requirements are often encountered, for which special explosion-proof electrical products need to be manufactured. Due to the low output and special requirements of these products, they are non-standard products, so they are classified as other explosion-proof categories. There are mainly electrical meters, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, speed transmitters, level gauges, quantitative controllers, ignition devices, cameras and other products. These products are basically manufactured according to production needs. Although their performance requirements are different, most of the products are made of metal. Type products, their working voltage and working current are generally low, explosion-proof level is ⅡCT6 level. Mine bracket light, mine flood light, mine LED roadway light, mine sound and light signal device, mine flood light, explosion proof emergency light, metal halide lamp.

Above, the explosion-proof electrical products for factories are roughly divided into twelve categories, in order to obtain a clearer and rational understanding of these products. The above classifications may be missing or incomplete. However, it basically includes most of the products currently on the market.

It should be noted that there are still some products, such as reducing joints, sealed joints, pipe joints, loose joints, flexible connecting pipes and other products. Many manufacturers have listed them as explosion-proof products, which is a misunderstanding. These products can only be called auxiliary parts of explosion-proof electrical products. Therefore, the product classification here does not include these products.