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Why Use Explosion-Proof Products In A Dusty Environment?

Aug. 10, 2018

Combustible dust is within the limits of the explosion. When it encounters an open flame or high temperature, it will produce a flame. It will have a high temperature and pressure. In a flammable dust environment, the flame will spread throughout the dust space, which is very likely to cause secondary explosion and destruction. The force is very large, and it produces toxic gases, which form a very serious accident.

With the development of modern industry, the occurrence of dust explosion accidents is constantly expanding, and there are many reasons for dust explosions, and the scope of the explosion is also very wide. Therefore, prevention must be controlled from various methods through various methods. At present, the emergence of Explosion Proof Control Junction Box and dust explosion-proof electrical equipment plays a key role in preventing the occurrence of dust explosion accidents. The most commonly used dust explosion-proof product is the dust explosion-proof control cabinet, which can eliminate the fire source caused by impact, friction, static electricity, short circuit, etc., avoiding the generation of high temperature or spark to the outside, and preventing the production activity in the dust environment from being secondary. hurt.

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