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Waterproof Cable Gland Installation Precautions

Mar. 23, 2018

There are some installation precautions for waterproof cable glands. As one of the best cable glands manufacturer in China, we would like to share you the knowledge.

1) According to the model specifications of the cable connector, you can choose the right connector material. Nowadays, the quality of the cable connector material is also uneven. However, in order to ensure the quality of the cable connector, it is recommended not to be free of money, and it is better to select the material of the cable connector manufacturer with reliable quality.

2) It is better not to choose rainy weather for cable joints, because the water ingress of the cable will seriously affect the service life of the cable, and serious short-circuit accidents may even occur.

3) Make sure to carefully read the manufacturer's product manual before making the cable gland. This is especially important for cables of 10kV and above. Do all the steps before you do it.

4) For terminal fittings of single-core armored cable above 10 kV, remember that only one end of the strip is grounded.

5) Heat-shrinkable cable connector When using a blowtorch, pay attention to the movement of the blowtorch, and do not spray the light only in one direction.

6) The dimensions of the shrink-wrapped cable connector must be strictly followed by the drawing instructions. In particular, care must be taken when withdrawing the support in the reserved pipe.

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