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What Is The Role Of Industrial Cable Glands?

Jun. 02, 2018

Cable and sealing sleeve connection, which can be easily assembled with sufficient tightening force, can quickly lead the cable out of the cable connection and store it, showing enhanced airtightness while also showing high reliability. Industrial cable glands are a general-purpose gland to meet the general hazard requirements, so it is useful to use or explode in a high-temperature environment. If the environment is a hazardous substance, use dangerous glands because these glands meet the necessary additional requirements. They are extra hardened so that they can resist the general glands can not withstand the temperature and external forces. Two types of cables can be put into the Industrial Cable Glands are classified as armored, which will play a role in glands will pick up . Armored cables will require a gland that can be clamped to the wire and have the ability to terminate the energy from the armored part. Non-armored lines do not require termination, but the glands need a high degree of protection and retention to keep the wires safe.

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High Temperature Industrial Cable Glands