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  • Breather/Drain Plug
  • Breather/Drain Plug

Breather/Drain Plug

operating conditions:

Ambient temperature:-20~+40℃;


ambient condition:

conventional type:Non corrosive, non flammable, explosive gas.(dust load is less than 100mg/m3)

Explosion-proof type:Non corrosive, containing flammable, explosive gas.(dust load is less than 100mg/m3)

Anti-corrosion type:With Corrosive gas.(no dust)


Explosion-proof stainless steel drop bolt is highly used in Explosion-proof power distribution box,Explosion-proof instrument box,explosion-proof lamp and so on.Explosion-proof drop bolt is mainly in order to balance electric pressure and external pressure balance of the inner cavity.Is commonly used for automatic exhaust steam condensation water, steam trap has a lot of kinds, such as mechanical and thermodynamic type.There are other automatic drain valves, such as person in compressed air system automatic drain valve etc.Explosion-proof drop bolt could put the box because the change of environmental temperature condensation effect produced by water cavity in vitro.Explosion-proof drop bolt is made of high quality stainless steel with precision CNC lathe processing

It has high performance water drainage and continuous ventilation.

Materials: SS304,SS316

Size: M20, M25, G1/2, G3/4, NPT1/2”NPT3/4", and etc.