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  • SH-BCXH Explosion-proof Wiring Box

SH-BCXH Explosion-proof Wiring Box


1.Hazardous:division 1 & 2,or 20,21,&22.

2.Explosive gas atmosphere:class IIA, IIB, IIC or inflammable dust environment.

3.Indoor or outdoor


Exe II T6 equivalent to II 2G Exe II T6 (European standard)

DIP A20 TA,T6 equivalent to II 1D ExtD A20 T6 (European standard)

5.Degree of protection:IP65

6.Widely using in the fields of oil,Chemistry industry,spaceflight,are-industry and so on.




1. Shell made of high strength aluminium alloy casting off the surface after blast cleaning by high voltage electrostatic spray. Shell compact structure, high density material strength, Explosion-proof performance, the surface of plastic powder adhesion ability with good anti-corrosion, the surface smooth, elegant appearance.

2. The structure are various, which are convenient for installation

3. Thread specification can be specially designed.

Main technical parameters.